ADG Full Form – How to Become an ADG 2020

ADG Full Form

Police is a very important post in India, and it is a post with responsibility. Everyone wants to become a policeman. Today we will try to give you all the information related to ADG, hoping that you will like all the information given by us in ADG full form, ADGP Full Form, what is ADG police officer, how to Become an ADG 2020 , UPSC, PSC, ADG Salary, etc.

ADG Full Form

The ADG full form is Additional Director General.

ADGP Full Form

The ADGP full form is Additional Director General Police.

What is ADG Police Officer?

First of all, we tell you that your ADG is called ADGP, these two are the same post.ADGP is an Indian Police Service rank, it is a very large post, ADGP is considered junior to DGP. The equivalent position or designation is the Commissioner of Police, Special or Additional Secretaries of some cities like Kolkata, Chennai, and Vijayawada. For your information, let us know that ADG-rank officers wear gorget patches on their collars, which have a dark blue background. Which has an oak leaf pattern similar to IG. The ADG is now posted as zonal heads in various Indian states.

ADG Full Form

The rank below it is Inspector General of Police and the rank above it is Special Director General of Police. ADGP is an Indian Police Service rank. Although he has the maximum 3-Star Police rank similar to DGP, an Additional Director General of Police is considered junior as Director General of Police. Officers of different ranks work like any one company in the police department, which is always ready for our security.

Here, for your information, tell us that according to the post in the police system, all police-men have a different identity. And all police-men have different “badges” on their uniforms. Our police always protect us by putting their lives at stake. By seeing this badge, you can guess which officer occupies which post. In this article, we are giving you the details of the badges on various policemen and their uniforms, so that the next time you see a policeman, you can easily find out what position the policeman is occupying.

How to Become an ADG

Here, first of all, tell us that all the top posts of the ADGP Department are there, you cannot get them through any direct examination. These top posts can be reached only through Promote.

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SP Full Form

For this, either you can get a big post in the Police Department bypassing the IPS exam conducted by UPSC. After this, in about 5 – 10 years, you can get ADGP post by Promote.


You can get the posts of SDM by passing the exam conducted by the PCS of each state. After this, you can get the post of IG by Promote from here also. However, it may take you 10-20 years or more to get the post of ADGP. Here, tell you that you will be promoted on ADGP only when working on other posts. Your performance will be excellent.

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ADG Salary

As the Police Officer, the salary of ADGP is also Rs 37400 – 67000. Along with this, ADGP is given other free facilities by the government.

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FAQ – ADG Full Form

What is the full form of ADG?

The ADGP full form is Additional Director General.

What is the full form of ADGP?

The ADGP full form is Additional Director General Police.

What is full form DGP?

The full form of DGP is Director General of Police.

Which is the highest post in the police?

DGP is the highest-ranking police officer.

Which is better IAS or IPS?

The job profile of both IAS and IPS services is very broad and both are posted on powerful posts, but IAS is much more powerful as a DM.

Who is higher than SP?

Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP)


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