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API full form

All of us will have heard about the API but there will be many of us who will not know. API full form, what is API, types of API and Popular APIs. In this post, you will get information about the smallest API. If you are interested in learning about computers, then you must also know about API.

API Full Form

The full form of API and API full form of Application Programming Interface.

What is API?

API full name and API full form is Application Programming Interface. When you walk around the programmer, you may have heard about APIs and how they can be used to perform certain tasks or retrieve some data. But what exactly are these, and why were they made? Let me explain the problem with a simple, non-IT related example. When you go to a restaurant and order some food, you interact with the waiter. You can order food and drink, ask questions about the menu, request and pay bills, and more.

In this example, the waiter protects you from all the complicated stuff that goes on behind the scenes. You do not have to worry about stoves, ovens, dishes, managing stock or pouring drinks. It is the interface between you and all the services that a restaurant offers. Still giving you a way to interact with the restaurant while still protecting you from all the complexity behind the scenes.

In a way, waiters can be seen as APIs of restaurants, and through this example, you intuitively understand why they are useful. The term API is for the application programmable interface, and is a way for different programs to work together in different ways.

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API full form

So, API programming stands for programming. Which is a mechanism that allows interaction between two applications using a set of rules APIs can be classified into several categories, therefore, first we classify. They like the main types of APIs, proprietary APIs or provisioning types of APIs.


Open or public so these are publicly available to the developer or other users, for whom there are minimal restrictions, they may require registration using API key or OAuth. Fully open they focus on external users to access data or services.

Example – Facebook and Twitter have some open APIs that you can access using OAuth or API key


ernal system exposes this type of APIs. These are usually designed for internal use within a company. The company uses this type of APIs among various internal teams to be able to improve its products and services.


Partner APIs are those in contact with a strategic business partner. They are not publicly available and require specific entry for use.

Example – PayPal, PayU courier service like BlueDart and payment gateway like DHL.


APIs combines various data and service APIs. It is a sequence of tasks that occur as a result of an execution, as an executive of an executive. This main use is to speed up the execution process and improve the performance of the listener in the web interface.

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Data and Services APIs

API full form

Now you will get another category beyond Data and Service APIs. The difference between an internal, partner open and composite APIs that we discuss earlier, we should mention. Another method for classifying APIs.


Data APIs Create, read, and delete updates to underline data sets. This APIs for various databases or SaaS cloud providers. Some fundamental data coming from SaaS are required to serve. Application with the help of SaaS connection or internal data store.


The Internal Services APIs is involved in exposing the internal services. Denoting parts of an internal process or some complex action


External service APIs are third party service APIs that can be easily embedded into the company’s existing service. It is therefore like a collaborative APIs and internal service to bring in additional. APIs are internal or private APIs which we discuss first.


The User Experience APIs leverages the overall APIs to assist the app developer to provide the right experience for each specific device such as desktop, mobile, tablet VPA or IoT.

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Web Services APIs or APIs Protocol.

API full form

A web service is a system or software that uses an address that uses URLs on the World Wide Web to provide access to its services.


SOAP – Simple Object Access Protocol This is a protocol that uses xml as a format for transferring data. This main function is to define the structure of messages and the methods of communication. It uses the WSDL or Web Service Definition Language in the machine, which is readable, to publish the definition of its interface.


XML-RPC This is a protocol that uses a specific XML format to transfer data compared to SOAP that uses a proprietary XML format. It is older than SOAP. XML-RPC uses minimal bandwidth and much more SOAP is simple.


JSON-RPC This protocol is similar to XML-RPC, but instead of using the XML format to transfer data, it uses JSON.


REST – Representational State Transfer. It is not a protocol like other web services as it is a set of Vastu principal. REST service needs to include some specific features including simple interfaces that are easily identified with resource requests and resource manipulation. .

Then we have category or application type APIs like we have Search, Weather APIs, Dictionary APIs, IP Geolocation APIs, Sports APIs, Food and Restaurant APIs. So you can also classify that way.

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APIs Communication Level

API full form

Another category can then be the communication level of the APIs, like the higher level or lower level.


generally used as REST where the programmer has a high level of abstraction. And they are concerned about performing a limited functionality


Then we have low-level APIs, which are lower-level abstraction so they are the most elaborate that allow programmers to organize functions with application modules or, usually within hardware at a granular level, the following -Level APIs is used to send real-time video or media in response to feed APIs.

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APIs By Use Cases

API full form

APIs can be classified according to the system for which they are designed like database APIs.


Database APIs enable communication between an application and database management system. The developer works with the database by writing queries. For changes to tables, access tables, etc. Drupal 7 Database APIs, for example, allow the user to write unified queries for various databases such as oracle, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, MySQL and Microsoft SQL. Another example is the ORDS APIs APIs, embedded in Oracle REST Data Services.


This group of APIs defines. The application has its own set of APIs for how to use the resources and service of every operating system, for example Windows APIs or Linux APIs. Apple provides APIs references for MacOS and iOS in its developer documentation.


Remote APIs are considered the standard of engagement for applications running on different machines. In other words, a software product reaches outside that device. Which requests the device, because two remotely located applications are connected to a communication network. Specifically the Internet most remote APIs web standards are based on two Java database connectivity APIs and the Java remote method invocation APIs. Example of a remote application programming interface.


The Web APIs class is the most common. A Web APIs provides machine-based readable data and functionality transfer between Web-based systems that represent the client server architecture. This APIs primarily requests HTTP from web application and response server from server. The developer can use web APIs to extend the functionality of their applications or sites for example the Google Maps APIs enables the addition of a map with an organization location.

FAQ – API Full Form

What is the Full Form of API?

API full name and API full form is Application Programming Interface.

API full form pharma

Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient

REST API full form

Representational State Transfer

What is the full name of API?

API full name and API full form is Application Programming Interface.

API Full Form in Police

Assistant Police Inspector

API meaning and API Full Form

API meaning and API full form is Application Programming Interface.

API Full Form Video Help


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