Full Form of CNG, Advantage of CNG and Disadvantage of CNG in 2020

Full Form of CNG

We have read the book a lot. But someone has told the truth that the more knowledge you study, the less you do. Some will talk about knowledge even today. You will get some new information about CNG.

We have often read about CNG in the book. But we will talk to you in detail because our work is to understand you well. We will know in this post. Full form of CNG, What is CNG, History of CNG, Properties of CNG, Advantage of CNG, Disadvantage of CNG and related CNG.

What is full form of CNG?

The full form of CNG is Compressed Natural Gas.

What is CNG

If you haven’t heard about Compressed Natural Gas…or CNG…get ready. Because you’re about to hear much more in the media about this clean-burning American energy resource that’s abundant, versatile and more affordable than traditional fuels.

Full Form of CNG

Made mostly of methane, CNG is natural gas that’s compressed to a much smaller volume and stored and distributed in specially designed and tested containers at a high pressure. It can be used as a replacement for gasoline, diesel or propane. CNG not only costs much less than gasoline and diesel, but also releases fewer pollutants into the air.

History of CNG

The use of CNG may be new to you for power engines but it actually went back to guinea gas in the 1860s in the 1930s as crude oil gained popularity as a transport fuel as CNG gained in the 1960s and 1970s. Was briefly revived during the decade of oil shortages. And in the early 1990s, but then oil prices declined for a while in Europe, South America, Asia and other parts of the world. It is a different story that natural gas is an important compressed vehicle fuel source, because World War Two Around 9 million drivers worldwide have considered NGB a major cause in a word clean.

If you take a conventional vehicle and you convert it to natural gas or NGB, you may see a reduction in emissions, for example, dramatically reducing nitrogen dioxide emissions by as much as 70%, carbon monoxide. Emissions can be reduced by 50%, methane gases by 30 to 40 percent and finally carbon dioxide which is a primary proponent in the development of greenhouse gas can be reduced by 20%.

Properties of CNG

  1. The case of this gas is a gaseous.
  2. It has no colour and there is a tasteless gas.
  3. It is free from any type of poisonous, there is no smoke on burning and it has high calorific value.
  4. It is a combustible gas and a fossil fuel.
  5. This is a mixture of simple hydrocarbon compounds.
  6. It consists mainly of methane with small amounts of methane, butane, pentane and propane.
  7. The sub-product of this gas is water vapour and carbon dioxide.
  8. Air is 60% heavier than natural gas.
  9. This is a low flammable limit and a high ignition temperature.
  10. Normally, it is moved through the pipe.
  11. It is naturally in the rocks under the surface of the earth, which are porous in the sword rocks.

Advantage of CNG

First advantage you get is a good mileage of your car. In comparison to diesel or petrol or any other fuel.

It is cheapest of three fuel available in India in comparison to petrol and diesel. And the way cost of petrol and diesel is skyrocketing, CNG is in trend all over again. And mostly urban people are either thinking of CNG cars or they already have it in their garage.

Good mileage and low price results in a very low running cost. Even if you drive your car 30-40km daily then you end up saving at least Rs. 35,000-40,000. Annually and if you use it for 10 years, you end up saving 3.5 – 4 Lacs and higher the petrol price rise, bigger would be savings.

Is smoothness of engine in your car after getting it shifted on CNG. Its generally observed that same engine on petrol had more engine noise and vibration than when its being run on CNG fuel later on.

CNG is environment friendly and lesser pollutants its leaves in its exhaust pipe. And this is the main reason why Govt. is promoting CNG.

Disadvantage of CNG

CNG fuel installation 1st disadvantage is Installation cost. Friends its not a matter of just 4-5 thousands. You will end up investing 30-35 thousand at list including installation cost and registration cost of it. So its an investment to get return in long run but you will get back equal benefit with in an year. And I would highly suggest that if you are installing CNG kit in your car, then get it registered asap in your RC.

Full Form of CNG

Otherwise you may face many hurdles later on. unluckily if car met an accident, insurance company may blame on CNG kit somehow for damage. that this car is not insured for CNG fuel in policy. And hence damage has occurred due to same. so get it done asap.

CNG Kit occupies the boot space and if you have an hatchback, its almost gone. for example Hyundai i10, maruti, alto 800 and others vehicle they will be bootless forever. so if you are planning a trip with 4-5 friends of yours then forget about the luggage space in your car.

You will face a dip in pick-up and performance of your car if you were running your car on petrol earlier. Performance would not be like it was earlier. It wont respond that way with your throttle intake. It would be around 10-15% loss of performance but it has so much advantage that its generally overlooked. Moreover, you will be fine with it over the time, if you are not a moto enthusiast. and if you had not driven much car earlier on petrol, you wont even feel the difference.

Whenever you serve the car, you also change your car’s filter. From time to time you also check your car filter.

Earlier you used to get the car serviced at 10,000 km.It is necessary to get the car serviced after running 8000 – 9000 km after installing CNG. If the servicing is not done on time, then your engine can also be damaged.

The largest disengagement is CNG fuel. If you travel far away then it is difficult to get CNG fuel. CNG facility not available in many cities.

CNG in Your House

CNG offers one of the most affordable energy solutions to homeowners. It can be used to fuel everything from barbecue grills and fireplaces to clothing dryers, heating devices and more.

CNG for Govt. and Industry

ny industries across America are saving money by converting their fleets of vehicles to natural gas. Local municipalities are doing the same with city buses, and the federal government is making the push to only buy or lease vehicles that run on alternative fuels like CNG by 2015.

CNG in Your vehicles

There’s currently a lot of excitement about CNG’s ability to supplement or even replace gasoline as a way to offset rising fuel costs and make our automobiles more environmentally friendly.

Full Form of CNG

There are close to 15 million natural gas powered vehicles in use throughout the world today. And that figure is growing by 30 percent a year. Here at home, more Americans are buying dual-fuel cars (that run on either gasoline or CNG) and discovering that traditional car engines can be converted to burn natural gas as well. And more and more CNG filling stations are being constructed throughout the country to make traveling with CNG vehicles easier.

People ask Questions

Q.1 What is the full form of CNG?

Answer – The full form of CNG is Compressed Natural Gas.

Q.2 Where is CNG used?

Answer – CNG is widely used in Auto rickshaws, Cars & Buses.

Q.3 What is CNG and LPG?

Answer – CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) is methane (CH4) and LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) is propane (C3H8).

Q.4 How much is 1 kg of CNG?

Answer – CNG Rs 44.23 per kilogram.

Q.5 What is the full meaning of CNG?

Answer – The full form of CNG and meaning of CNG is Compressed Natural Gas.

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