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GDP full form, Presented Types of GDP in India, etc. This question will arise in many of you. Tell me, what is the concept of GDP, where does it come from? GDP was first used by American economist Simon in 1935–44. Simon introduced the term America.

What is GDP Full Form?

The GDP full form is Gross Domestic Product.

What is GDP?

Gross domestic product is a measure or measure of a country’s economic health. Let us tell you that India’s GDP calculation is quarterly. The picture of GDP is based on the rate of growth of production in the main manufacturing sector of the economy. Agriculture, industry, and services are the three main components under GDP. The GDP rate is determined based on the average increase or decrease in production in the region.

Presented Types of GDP in India

GDP is presented in two ways, as the price of production falls with inflation. This scale is the price of the material under which the rate of GDP and the price of production are determined based on the price of production in one base year and the other scale is the current price which includes the rate of inflation in the year of production.

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Normal Price

The statistics department of India sets a base year for the evaluation of products and services. Within this year, the price of production and the relative growth rate is determined by price and is the price of GDP. This is done so that the rate of GDP can be measured correctly, apart from inflation.

Current Price

If the rate of inflation is added to the production value of GDP, we get the value of current economic output, that is, you need to add the price of GDP to the rate of immediate inflation.

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FAQ – GDP Full Form

What is the full form of GDP?

The full form of GDP is a Gross domestic product.

Which country has the highest GDP?


Who invented GDP?

Simon Kuznets

Which is the poorest city in India?

Alirajpur district (Madhya Pradesh)


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