ITI Full Form and Top 5 ITI Haryana Colleges

ITI Full Form

Today we will know ITI full form, what is iti, ncvt full from, scvt full form, top 5 iti haryana colleges, eligibility of iti, iti trade and time, etc. Important about ITI. The ITI syllabus is specially designed to get an ITI government Jobs quickly. I know you know ITI full form.

ITI Full Form

The ITI full form is Industrial Training Institute.

What is ITI?

The ITI syllabus is specially designed for those who want to get a job quickly. After doing ITI, You can easily get ITI government Jobs and private jobs. There will be different types of trades in this course. Government, private colleges of ITI exist and many universities also offer such courses.

ITI Full Form

He has to get his diploma from a particular trade. Like if the student is interested in Electrical. So he can get an ITI diploma from Electrical, Mechanical, fitters can also get an ITI diploma from other branches like a computer, etc.

What is NCVT ITI and SCVT ITI?

Some people have courses related to ITI. Many people ask the question of what is NCVT ITI and SCVT ITI. So today we are going to know what is the difference in these.

What is NCVT ITI and NCVT Full From?

The NCVT full form is the National Council for Vocational Training. Those ITI courses which are affiliated to NCVT are given certification by the NCVT. Private and Government ITI Both of these also get training from NCVT, Government of India. It is a state council board just like the NCVT.

Its head office is in New Delhi. We can complete ITI, Diploma course from the attached college by NCVT. On the college where you are going to take admission for ITI, you will see a list of two types of the trade like NCVT and SCVT. From which you can choose a trade.

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What are SCVT ITI and the SCVT full form?

The SCVT’s full form is the State Council of Vocational Training. It is a state council board just like the NCVT. There are different ITI trades attached to it. On completion of the ITI course, we get the certificate of SCVT. If you want to check your state’s SCVT ITI trade, then you can search on Google as and other Search Engine.

Where we will get the website of the ITI Board of the state, which will also have information related to their trade. So now you must have understood what is NCVT and SCVT, what is the difference between these two.

Eligibility of ITI

Who can take admission for ITI course, students can take the admission process of 8th, 10th, and 12th pass, for admission in ITI, you have to fill and submit the form, which comes out in July every year.

ITI Full Form

You can buy its forms from every ITI. You will be given admission on merit basis. The ITI syllabus for admission in it is based on your qualification. Students can take 8th, 10th, and 12th pass admission.

The best thing about ITI is that you can apply for it only after passing the high school examination. To get trained in this, you have to pass the entrance exam. After this, you have to choose your field from engineering trade and non-engineering trade.

Engineering Trade and Non-engineering Trade

  • Architectural Assistant
  • Electrician
  • Fitter
  • Radiology Technician
  • Non-engineering Trade
  • Needlework
  • Craftsman Food Production
  • Data Entry Operator
  • Health Sanitary Inspector

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ITI Trade and Time

The first question that comes up before taking admission in ITI is trade. All students have to take a lot of care before choosing a trade-in ITI.

ITI Courses list 8th Class

S. no.Name of CourseDuration/Year
1.Wireman Engineering2
2.Pattern Maker Engineering2
3.Mechanic Agriculture1
4.Forger & Heat Treater1
5.Carpenter Engineering1
6.Plumber Engineering1
7.Mechanic Tractor1
8.Plastic Printing Operator1
9.Cutting & Sewing1
10.Book Binder1
11.Embroidery & Needle Worker1
12.Weaving of Fancy Fabric1
13.Welder (Gas & Electric) Engineering1

ITI Courses list after 10th Class

S. no.Name of CourseDuration/Year
1.Bleaching & Dyeing Calico Print1
2.Commercial Art1
3.Diesel Mechanic2
4.Draughtsman (Mechanical Engineer)2
5.Draughtsman (Civil Engineer)2
6.Dress Making1
9.Foundry Man1
10.Fruit & Vegetable Processing1
11.Hair & Skin Care1
12.Hand Compositor1
13.Information Technology & E.S.M. Engineering2
14Leather Goods Maker1
15Letter Press Machine Mender1
16Machinist Engineering1
17Manufacture Foot Wear1
18Mech. Instrument Engineering2
19Mechanic Electronics2
20Mechanic Motor Vehicle2
21Mechanic Radio & T.V.2
22Motor Driving-cum-Mechanic1
23Pump Operator1
24Refrigeration secretarial practice2
25Sheet Metal Worker1
26Tool & Die Maker3
27Turner Engineering2

ITI Courses list after 12th Class

S. no.Name of CourseDuration/Year
1.Multimedia Animation &  Effects1
2.Marketing Executive1
3.Catering and Hospitality Assistant1
4.Library and Information Science1
6.Stenography Hindi1
7.Insurance Agent1
8.Computer Hardware and Networking2
9.Radiology Technician2
10.Stenography English1
11.Instrument Mechanic1
12.Instrument Mechanic1
13.Computer Operator & Programming Assistant (COPA)1
14.Crèche Management1
15.Gold Smith2
16.Architectural Assistant1
17.Computer Operator and Programming Assistant2
18.Desktop Publishing Operator1
19.Interior Decoration and Designing1
20.Architectural Draughtsmanship2
21.Health and Sanitary Inspector1
22.Dental Laboratory Equipment Technician2
23.Physiotherapy Technician2
24.Mechanic Lens or Prism Grinding2
25.Plastic Processing Operator1
26.Marine Fitter1
27.Travel and Tour Assistant1
28.Craftsman Food Production2
29.Human Resource Executive1
30.Multimedia Animation and Special Effects1
31.Marketing Executive1
32.Basic Cosmetology1
33.Mechanic Agricultural Machinery2
34.Call Centre Assistant1
35.Old Age Care Assistant1
36.Health Safety and Environment1

Before choosing any trade in this, you should think that which trade you can do in any way. In this, you can choose any one trade according to your interest and get your ITI diploma.

Admission Process of ITI

Admission to ITI is very easy. To take admission in this, you just have to fill a form and submit it and these forms are released every year in July. You can buy its forms from any ITI. Admission in ITI is on a merit basis.

In this, you have to take special care because not all trades will be found in all ITI Institute, before taking admission you have to know which trades can be found in that ITI. You can see some trade names below.

Top 5 ITI Haryana Colleges

  1. CFI-Regional Vocational Training Institute, Panipat
  2. Govt. Industrial Training Institute (Women) Bahadurgarh
  3. Govt. Industrial Training Institute (Women) Sirsa
  4. Govt. Industrial Training Institute (Women) Adampur
  5. Govt. Industrial Training Institute (Women) Ambala City

Top 5 ITI Delhi Colleges

  1. Sir CV Raman Industrial Training Institute (ITI), Dheerpur, Delhi
  2. ITI (W), Mori Gate Gokhle Road, Delhi
  3. ITI Nand Nagri , Delhi
  4. ITI Khichripur, Mavur Vihar, Delhi
  5. ITI Malviya Nagar, Delhi

Top ITI Colleges in India

ITI Full Form
  1. Govt Industrial Training Institute, Purulia
  2. Government Industrial Training Institute (Women/Mahila), Rae Bareli
  3. Government Industrial Training Institute, Tiruchendur
  4. CFI-Regional Vocational Training Institute, Panipat
  5. Sir CV Raman Industrial Training Institute (ITI), Dheerpur, Delhi

Job after ITI Diploma

The biggest question after doing ITI diploma is where can we do the job. Let me tell you, after doing the ITI diploma, many job options will open up in front of you.

ITI Government Jobs

Many government institutions discharge vacancies. In which ITI asks for a diploma. After this course, you can easily get a government ITI government Jobs.

ITI Jobs Offers

In both government and private sectors. There is a great demand for trained people. You can apply to Indian Army, Inland Waterways Authority of India, NRHM National Rural Health Mission (NRHM), Rail India Technical and Economic Services (Rights) Limited.

You get good opportunities in the public sector also. The pay scale varies by occupation and position. It does make a difference. But there is a strong possibility of an increase in pay scale based on experience in this field.

ITI Salary

In the engineering trade, you can easily get an ITI government Jobs at an annual pay scale of 3 lakh to 5 lakh and in the non-engineering trade, this pay scale is from 2. 5 lakh to 4. 5 lakh.

ITI is like a polytechnic, an institute where you can get a diploma related to any subject but there is a lot of difference between ITI and polytechnic.

All diplomas of polytechnics are completed in about 3 years, while diplomas in ITI range from 6 months to 2 years. After doing ITI, we can get ITI government Jobs and private jobs easily.

But if you want to study further after doing ITI, then you can do polytechnic after ITI and after polytechnic, you can study for a graduate degree.

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FAQ – Full From of ITI

What is the ITI full form?

The full name of ITI and ITI full form is Industrial Training Institute

What is the full form ITI Electrician?

There is no ITI full form Electrician.

What is the Full Form ITI fitter?

The ITI full form Fitter is the Foundation of Industrial Training and Technology Resources.

What is the work of ITI?

Many students who have completed their ITI can seek employment with various Public Sector Units / PSUs such as Railways, Telecom, ONGC, State-wise PWDs, and other Job.

What is the ITI full form?

The full name of ITI and ITI full form is Industrial Training Institute

What is the NCVT Full Form?

National Council for Vocational Training.

What is the SCVT full form ITI?

State Council of Vocational Training.

What is the full form of IIT?

Indian Institutes of Technology.


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