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NBA Full From

Friends, you must have heard the name of many finals, one of them is NBA Finals drain. Today we will tell you the NBA full form, what is NBA and how many rules are there in NBA Finals game.

NBA Full Form

The NBA full form is National Basketball Association.

What is NBA Finals?

NBA our national basketball association is a men’s professional basketball league in North America. It consists of 30 teams 29 from the united states and one from Canada. Some of the teams are the golden state warriors, Boston Celtics, Toronto Raptors, and Houston rockets. A few of the most popular NBA players of all-time include Lebron James, Michael Jordan Shaquille O’Neal, and Kobe Bryant, the teams are divided into eastern and western conferences.

Eastern conference consists of Atlantic central and southwest divisions and the western conference has northwest pacific and southwest divisions. The NBA is a member of USA basketball or USA b which is the national governing body for basketball in the united states. The league’s head office is located in the Olympic tower in New York.

NBA Full From
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The league was founded in New York City on June 6 1946 and it was called the basketball association of America or BAA. On November 1st, 1946 in Toronto. The Toronto Huskies hosted the New York knickerbockers at maple leaf gardens which was the first game in the NBA history. At this point, the association had 11 teams.

In 1949 the baa changed its name to national basketball association after merging with the competing national basketball league. In 1951 the first all-star game was played in Boston. An all-star game is a basketball exhibition game hosted every February starring the league star players.

In 1954 MBA started using the 24-second shot clock. Thereby increasing the team scoring averages the league added the three-point field goal beginning in 1979 to open up the game. The distance from the basket to the three-point line in NBA is 23 feet and 9 inches or 7 points 24 meters.

Nowadays an increasing number of international players have moved from playing elsewhere in the world the starring in the NBA. The 2013-2014 season had a record 92 international players which were over 20% of the league.

Teams begin their training camps in late September. In these camps, the players are evaluated and prepared for the season. The coaching staff determines the 12-man active roster which will begin the regular season. During the regular season, each team plays 82 games 41 at home and 41 away.

Around the middle of April, the regular season ends and the voting begins for individual awards like the rookie of the year award and the defensive player of the year award. The NBA playoffs begin in late April with the top eight teams of each conference competing for the championship. The playoffs follow a tournament format where each team plays an opponent in the best-of-seven series were the best team advancing into the next round.

The final playoff round is known as the NBA finals and is held annually in June. Here are some interesting facts NBA players are the world’s best-failed athletes by average annual salary per player. The NBA is the only major professional sports league in the united states and Canada that regularly schedules games on Christmas day.

Seven-foot-tall American males have a 17% chance of playing in the NBA. Within five years of retirement, an estimated 60% of former NBA players are financially broke. In 2012 the price of a ticket for an NBA game ranged from $10 to $3,000 depending on the location of the seat and the success of the teams that were playing.

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Top NBA Finals Rules 2020

  • • The object of the game is for your team to score more points than the opposing team.
  • • Teams are made up of 15 players, with 5 players on the basketball court at any one time.
  • • They consist of two forwards, two guards, and a center.
  • • The game starts with a tip-off.
  • • Once someone has won possession of the ball, they have up to 24 seconds to shoot the ball towards the opponent’s basket.
  • • These baskets are 10 feet above the ground on a court that’s generally about 94ft long by 50ft wide (in the NBA) and vary depending on where you play.
  • • To move the ball up the court, you can either pass the ball to a teammate or dribble the ball, where you bounce the ball up and down repeatedly whilst in motion.
  • • To score points, a player must shoot the ball into the opponents’ basket.
  • • You get two points for any shots scored within this arc.
  • • If a player scores from a shot outside this arc, this scores three points.
  • • Any free throws that are awarded to your team scores 1 point.
  • • Failure to shoot the ball within 24 seconds results in a shot clock violation, and the other team is awarded possession of the ball.
  • • The opposing team will try and take the ball off you by either blocking shots, rebounding a missed shot, or by stealing the ball away from an opposing player so that they can score themselves.
  • • The game is played in 4 x 12 minute quarters in the NBA, 4 x 10 minute quarters Internationally, or 2 x 20-minute halves in NCAA.
  • • The highest score at the end of time wins.
  • • There are no ties in Basketball, so if the scores are tied at the end of regulation, overtime periods will be played to determine the winner.
NBA Full From

Wow, that was the shortest article ever! Unfortunately, it doesn’t stop there. Whilst Basketball is an easy game to understand, I’ve just explained the basic concept of the game. There are a lot of things in Basketball that you’re not allowed to do. So to make it easy for you to understand, there are generally two types of things you can’t do: Violations and Fouls.


Violations are generally called when you break one of the rules. The main violations include Shot clock violation – as earlier stated, your team has 24 seconds in which to shoot the ball. If you’ve not shot the ball within this time, a shot-clock violation is called and the ball is awarded to the other team.

Double Dribble

In basketball, you are only allowed to dribble the ball and stop once. If a player then begins to dribble again, this is known as double dribble, and the ball is awarded to the other team.


If a player takes too many steps without dribbling the ball, this is traveling, and (surprise surprise) the ball is awarded to the other team.

Three in the key

A player cannot stay in the key, which in this section of the court, for more than three seconds.


A violation in which an attacking player runs into a stationary defender. Possession of the ball is then awarded to the defending team. There are other violations that I’ve included a game.

Eight-Second Violation

After a basket, the offensive team has eight seconds to get the ball over midcourt.


A violation in which a player moves his hand under the ball and scoops it while dribbling.


When a defensive player interferes illegally with a shot on the rim or a downward path to the hoop; the shot is assumed in and the offensive team receives the basket. Basket interference – Interfering with the basket rim during a shot.

Back-Court Violation

Touching the ball in the backcourt after it has entered the frontcourt and was not last touched by the other team.


Fouls are the most complicated thing to understand in Basketball, but I’ll try and explain this in the easiest way I know-how.

NBA Full From

Personal Fouls

occur when a player commits illegal contact against another player. Imagine two players, an attacking player with the ball, and a defending player without the ball. Now imagine two giant cylinders that surround them that extend from the floor to the ceiling. Neither of those two players is allowed to encroach into each other’s cylindrical space. If an attacking player makes contact with a defender in his space, then it’s called an offensive foul against the attacker.

If a defender makes contact with an attacker in his space, then it’s called a defensive foul against the defender. Any foul in the act of shooting results in free throws being awarded to the attacking team. Two shots for fouls inside the arc and three shots for fouls outside the arc. If the shot went in and the shooter was fouled, the points they scored count, and they are awarded one extra shot.

Any team that commits 5 or more fouls in any quarter will have free throws awarded against them per subsequent foul, and Anyone player who has racked up 5 fouls (internationally) or 6 fouls in the NBA is fouled out – and can no longer participate in the rest of the game.

Flagrant Fouls

Flagrant Fouls are severe fouls that occur when a player has made violent contact against another player. This always results in the other team being awarded two free throws.

Technical Fouls

Are fouls that don’t fit the description of either a personal or flagrant foul. Technical fouls can be awarded for fighting, unsportsmanlike conduct, or abuse from players and coaches against referees. Two technical fouls equal an automatic ejection from the game. This is a lot to take in, especially understanding how the fouls work, but as you watch or play basketball, the rules will become clear.

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People Ask Questions: NBA Full Form

Q. 1 What is the full form of NBA?

Answer – The NBA full form is National Basketball Association.

Q. 2 What is called NBA?

Answer – The National Basketball Association, or NBA, is a professional basketball league comprised of 30 teams across North America featuring the best basketball players in the world.

Q. 3 What is the oldest NBA team?

Answer – Boston Celtics

Q. 4 How can I watch NBA in India?

Answer – Sony LIV app also provides access to games for Indian viewers with premium subscription.

Q. 5 Who is the richest man in the NBA?

Answer – LeBron James


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