Police Full Form – Become a Police Officer in India after 12th

Police Full Form

If you do not know much about the Police and you want to know about it, then you are being provided complete information about it here. In this post, we will tell you what is a Police officer, Police full form how to become a Police officer, and the information that is associated with the Police, we will give you all the information in this article.

Many candidates of the country are interested in becoming engineers, lawyers, doctors, or teachers. At the same time, there are many candidates, who like to wear a uniform on their body, that is, they set the goal of getting a Police post.

Police Full Form

The Police Full From is Public Officer for Legal Investigations and Criminal Emergencies.

What is Police Officer?

A police job is a government job and their job is to serve the country. Police are a part of the security force of the country. It is said to be an important part of the internal security of the country. All the employees working under the Police Department are deployed for the internal security of the country. Just as the soldiers of the army protect the country and our country from external enemies, similarly the Police are appointed to maintain the internal security of the country.

Police Full Form
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Police department employees have been entrusted with the right to punish anyone who violates the laws of the country. These are given the task of maintaining law and order within the country and maintaining it properly. On the other hand, if you are troubled by a criminal case, or if you want to file any type of complaint, then you can take the help of the Police and go to your nearest Police station and report it.

Become a Police Officer

Every year a large number of candidates apply for the post of Police, but in the examination to be conducted for this, a lot of work can be achieved by the candidates, because the examination is conducted to become the Police. In that examination, the candidates have to complete several procedures.

Police Full Form

For this, the candidate has to take the written test first. You have to get good marks in that test and then the race has to be done. Medical is done after this. Then the candidates who succeed in all these processes are appointed to the post of Police. Note – Candidates should be 18 years of age.

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Police officers rank in Indian

  • Director-General of Police (DGP)
  • Special Director General of Police (SDG)
  • Additional Director General of Police (ADG)
  • Inspector-General of Police (IG)
  • Deputy Inspector General of Police (DIG)
  • Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP)
  • Superintendent of Police (SP)
  • Deputy Superintendent of Police (Dy.SP) (SPS) / Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) (IPS under training rank)
  • Inspector (In some states/UTs only)
  • Non-gazetted officers State & Commissionerate Rank
  • Inspector (In some states/UTs only)
  • Assistant Inspector (In Maharashtra Police only)
  • Sub-Inspector
  • Assistant Sub-Inspector
  • Head Constable
  • Constable No insignia
  • Constable


The average salary for a Police Officer is ₹ 27,693 per month in India.

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People Ask Questions

What is the full form of Police?

Police Full Form

The Police Full From is Public Officer for Legal Investigations and Criminal Emergencies.

What is the highest post in police in India?

Director-General of Police (DGP) is the highest-ranking police officer.

Can I join the police after the 10th?

You should have passed a 10th from any recognized Board.

How can I join the police after 12th in India?

Become a Police officer, you should have passed a bachelor’s degree from a recognized university.

Who is bigger ACP or DCP?

DCP (Deputy commissioner of police) is higher in rank than ACP (Assistant Commissioner of police).

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